Linux DHCP starting daemon dhcpd - Command Summary dhcpd.conf file

dhcpd - Command Summary


    dhcpd [ -p port ] [ -f ] [ -d ] [ -q ] [ -cf file ]

    [ -lf file ] [ interface -list ]


  • -p port, defines an alternative port.  normally dhcpd listens for client request on port 67 and responds on port 68 
  • -f, run's dhcpd as a foreground process, for debugging only
  • -d, send error messages to stderr instead of syslogd services
  • -q, run's with out echo effects
  • -cf file, loads the configuration file(user defined)
  • -lf file, idicates which address(lease) information to be used, by default dhcpd writes to the /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases file
  • interface -list, list the names of the interfaces that dhcpd should monitor for client request (uses broadcasts)